WOW Monthly Membership

This workout program is designed to be as strong and versatile as you are!

I know we all have busy lives, but we need to make time for ourselves. 

That’s why with this workout plan, you have the option of doing the gym workout or the home workout.
The home and the gym workouts are equally challenging and you will get a mind-blowing workout from both.

The WOW Monthly Membership is right for you if…

You want to feel confident in your body. You feel stressed, guilty, and/or ashamed about your body and are ready to make a change!

You want to workout but you either don’t know what to do or just half-heartedly do “something”. You’re confused by all the workout plans and are wondering what is really going to work for you.

You’re exhausted by 4 p.m. and wondering why ANYONE would think that you have energy to go on & cook a healthy meal and get a workout in?

You feel stuck in a chaotic, stressful life, pulled in a hundred different directions & feeling like you’re never really getting ahead?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I’m so glad we found each other!

You should know that I have answered “YES!!!” to ALL of these questions at different points in my life! But I am here to tell you – you can stop hating your body, stop hiding, stop stressing – and start living!


A WOW life is a life that feels empowered, fit & happy.

Creating a WOW life is about getting active, eating properly, and creating a positive perspective.

WOW stands for "Women of Worth"

Becoming a Woman of Worth means you value yourself enough to build a life that leads you toward extraordinary SUCCESS and PLEASURE. In creating your WOW life, at any moment in time, you will be able to say "WOW! I have an amazing life!".

This Membership Program Focuses on three core elements:



Gettin’ your sweat on and focusing on achieving physical success. You will start releasing toxins, feeling energetic, and getting more fit!


Treating yourself with the utmost respect and love and training your brain (just as you would your body) to take control of your thoughts before they control you. You will only start loving yourself and your reflection in the mirror through your thoughts.


Surrounding yourself with the BEST relationships – ones with people who lift you up, challenge you, and inspire you! And you will learn to LET GO of the ones who don’t.

Take your fitness to the next level.


Efficient and effective weight and functional workouts, for the gym or home, with variations for all fitness levels.

Video demonstrations of every exercise so there is no guessing about exactly how you should perform each exercise.

Cardio suggestions to maximize your results in the most effective way.

A guide to how to start tracking macros. Healthy eating is a lifestyle! This guide provides the blueprint for long-term nutrition success!

Daily readings full of insights, tools, and methods to create your WOW life via the Private Facebook group.

  • Access to the WOW private, members-only forum. This forum offers support and inspiration from both Laura and fellow members, nutrition and fitness tips, recipe ideas, etc. This is an awesome avenue to help hold you accountable to your goals.


I know that you will get out of the program what you put in – and I hope you will do the work to experience the love, joy, and body-sculpting power of the Women of Worth program. This program has been life-changing for thousands of women, so I know it can do the same for you. However, if you decide it is not right for you within the first 30 days, you can send me an email with documentation showing that you’ve been following the program, but that it’s just not working for you, and I’ll refund your payment. 

That’s how much I believe in the power of WOW!

Success Stories

The value that I know you will get from this program is priceless.

Not only will your physical body improve, I have so many members of our community write each day describing the mental and emotional improvements from this plan too.

Even with all that value, I wanted to keep this program affordable!

Join the WOW Monthly Membership for less than $1 per day, at just $29.99/month.

WOW Monthly Membership

$ 29
  • Sign up to access all the workouts and guides now!

*When you sign up for the WOW Monthly Program, you will be automatically charged $29.99 per month until you notify us via email that you’d like to cancel. You must give 30 days notice to cancel so we can stop your automatic payments.

* Monthly WOW does not include weekly check-ins.

WOW Monthly Membership Frequently Asked Questions

The WOW program is a high intensity strength training workout that keeps you in a fat-burning state if done correctly. It therefore meets everyone’s goals of weight loss, muscle building, and toning. These workouts are designed to help you achieve the look of a fitness model.

The Monthly Membership program provides 4 workouts per week.

Monthly Membership workouts also have both beginner and advanced variations with demonstration videos.

The Monthly Membership Plan is billed automatically each month for your convenience. To stop at anytime, simply send an email to with a 30 day notice so that we can stop the billing.

Each member receives a general meal guide at signup, and has access to Laura for meal related advice. However, no member will receive specific individual diets.

Please see the testimonials portion of the webpage for awesome examples of before and afters. These workouts are geared toward fast toning, building lean muscle, and sustained fat loss.

No. Not at all. Women are not built for bulky muscle gain. You need to eat and train specifically for increasing muscle size like those of Figure or Bodybuilding athletes. And even then, it is hard to do! This program will not do that. No one that I have trained has gotten big and bulky with this type of program.

What you WILL gain is long, lean muscle that is gorgeous, strong and feminine, and will help to keep you lean. And a body with increased lean muscle mass burns more calories than the composition of a body containing less muscle.


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