Laura Tarbell’s newest 8-week training program designed to build a solid-as-a-rock, make-J.Lo-proud, bootylicious derriere.

It’s the biggest and most important muscle in your body. It assists in nearly every type of motion, from running to jumping to lifting and everything in between.

So why do you have a flat, pancake-like tush?

It quite possibly could be one of the following reasons…

  • you have a desk job that leaves your glutes inactive all day
  • you’ve done too much long, slow cardio
  • you’re not doing the right exercises
  • you’re not mentally engaging with the right exercises

Whatever the reason, your glutes are NOT activated! I’ve been working to perk up my glutes after too much long distance running and two rough pregnancies. And this is based on what I’ve been doing!


Testing, testing, testing…are your butt cheeks on?

The WOW 3.0: Booty Builder pre-exercise routine and mentality tips will energize your tushy like a double shot of espresso!

And the workouts will put some fire under that booty!

These workouts are designed to perk up your glutes! Put down the three pounders and actually get some results. Your muscles need overload in order to grow stronger and bigger. Switching from light to heavy weights is like the difference between jogging and sprinting.

But if you are interested in more than just perky glutes, here are FOUR MORE IMPORTANT REASONS why you need to workout your derriere.

  • LESS BACK PAIN. Want to prevent or heal a whack lower back? You need a strong back side! When you have weak glutes or glutes that don’t fire properly, your lumbar spine takes on more stress thus creating back pain.
  • HELLO BETTER MOBILITY!! Your glutes are necessary to help hold down the rotating of your hips and pelvis during daily exercises and movements.
  • EASED KNEES. Weak glutes cause your knees to collapse inward. Test yourself doing a set of lunges…as you tire, if your knee begins to fall inward, your glutes aren’t up for the job. This can be especially important for runners because it places extra pressure on your knee caps and can lead to IT band syndrome or runner’s knee.
  • STRAIGHTER POSTURE. A strong backside not only helps keep your hips in alignment, but your whole body! Underactive glutes can create an imbalance with the front side of the body, leaving your hip flexors tight and your pelvis in a forward tilted position. This not only leads to back pain, but makes it look like you have a ‘pooch’ from an excessive curve in your spine.

In this comprehensive program, you will be working your lower body two times a week with heavy weights and once in an explosive, cardio-style workout. The other two days of your training will focus on upper body. Specific cardio recommendations are included each day to maximize your results.


“I love these workouts. I can already see a change in just 2 weeks! Plus, they are quick, so it doesn’t feel like a hassle to fit in a workout.
They are the perfect balance for my current crazy lifestyle.”
~Claudia T.


Never regret walking away again!

You’re worth it!

I can’t wait to see your booty and body transform!

A gym facility is not necessary for many workouts but recommended, especially for heavy lifting days. You can get by at home with dumbbells, a barbell, a bench, and a treadmill or other cardio option.

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What People Say

  • My biggest workout challenge before training with Laura was properly combining exercises. After working with her for a month, I saw results right away.

    Claudia T.

  • At the end of this program, I was 100% happy with my results. I had never felt better, or so accomplished. I had done something for myself to better myself and it was a great feeling!

    Chelsea C.

  • I loved the videos! I used them everyday in the gym. If you stick to the plan it will work.  Schedule your workout into your day just like you would anything else.

    Lauren W.

  • Everything was easy to follow. If there was a question about anything, it was answered right away. The challenge did not make me feel like a number. It gave me the tools to follow in my workouts and meals. I still follow the advice given.

    Kathleen A.