The Body Confident Mommy Program

LOOK & FEEL your very BEST Mama!

BCM is the custom, comprehensive program you deserve to feel undeniably body confident!

Learn how to live healthy, train properly & feel totally confident in your mom bod!

All programs are custom & made to fit your needs.


Let’s work together to create the perfect plan to fit your goals & lifestyle.

The Body Confident Mommy


• One 30-minute phone call with Laura to talk about your health & fitness history and goals

 Weekly check-ins via email

• Personalized Macro Plan with Meal Plan sample

• Flexible Dieting 101 Course

• Custom exercise programming with detailed workouts & picture demos

• Program updates every month or as needed.

• Detailed supplement regimen with 15% off supplements from Magnum Nutraceuticals

• 6 Mindset emails and action items (every other week) to shift your perspective toward more body confidence

 Access to Laura’s private, members-only Nutrition & Fitness forum! This forum offers support & inspiration from both Laura & fellow members, nutrition & fitness tips, recipe ideas, etc. This is an awesome avenue to hold you accountable to your goal.

*3 – 6 months is recommended.*
It’s imperative that clients follow the outlined programming to the best of their ability and to provide Laura with all the information necessary to make plan adjustments. Failure to do so could result in failure to meet goals. You may cancel at anytime.

All client information is completely confidential.

Imagine if you...

…could lose weight & keep it of WITHOUT going on a restrictive diet. 

…where able to eat a variety foods and not the same old bland diet foods day in and day out. Plus, you could actually enjoy dinner with your family and not feel like you have to cook youself something different because “you’re on a diet.”

…understood the best way to eat for your body with flexibility. No more stress when eating out or on-the-go with your kids.

…could ditch the diet mentality & actually enjoy eating your fav foods without guilt, i.e. wine, ice cream, & burgers! oh my!

…woke every day feeling confident in your skin & unafraid of taking pictures with your family. 

…no longer let fear tell you what to wear in the morning, to turn the lights off when making love to your partner, or to hide in the back of a photo opp with your family.

This is for you if...

…feeling restricted & guilty because you ate ‘bad’ foods or didn’t have enough willpower to stay on your diet is ruining your enjoyment of life. 

…you’re done feeling paralyzed from the diet mentally of either being ‘on’ the diet or ‘off’ the diet. 

…sexy, confident and strong are ways you want to decribe yourself when you look in the mirror! Or when you put on anything in your closet (even the pre-pregnancy clothes!).

…losing weight would give you more energy… enough to play with your kids who want so much to have a mom who engages with them.

…a busy schedule has held you back long enough & you’re ready for some one to give you efficient, effective workouts that get results.

…you want a coach to hold you accountable, call you out on your BS excuses, teach you about nutrition & be your biggest cheerleader along the way!

Become a Body Confidenct Mommy Success Story!

" My energy level is a world of difference than in May!"

Amanda C.

"I can’t believe the impact you have single-handedly had on my life. I thank you for that. This community needs more people like you.”

Melissa T.

Transformation Investment


$ 597 FOR 12 WEEKS


$ 757 FOR 16 WEEKS


$ 927 FOR 20 WEEKS


Once a client has received a program from Women of Worth, there will BE NO REFUND (no exceptions). If a client paid, but did not receive a program, then we will issue a refund within 60 days of purchase date. If we issue a refund for a program, there will be a $100.00 processing fee charged to the client. If a client decides halfway through their program that they no longer want to continue at that time, we will freeze the program with the remaining weeks. There will be a 2-year time frame within which a client can use their credit. After 2 years your credit will expire. When the client returns, they will not receive a new program but pick back up where they started with Laura. If a client has 2 weeks or less left on their program and decides to freeze, there will be NO CREDIT.

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