4 Weeks To WOW Meal Guide


I am so excited to offer this detailed menu guide to help you get on track with your nutrition and teach you how to incorporate well-balanced eating into your WOW life!

Most importantly, this incredible tool will help you develop a healthy relationship with food and help bring you closer to your health and fitness goals.

Nutrition doesn’t have to be boring! It should make your taste buds say, “WOW!



With this guide, you will receive:
+ An instantly downloadable menu guide
+ Four weeks of a complete and well-balanced meal guide filled with wholesome and clean foods
+ A budget-friendly, weekly grocery list that won’t keep you in the grocery store for hours
+ Over 71 delicious Woman of Worth recipes, there is something for everyone!
+ Guidelines on how to follow the meal guide and tips on meal prepping
+ A special message from Laura that shares her insight on building a healthy relationship with food
+ A WOW Worksheet & Tips to Get You in the Right Mind Frame
+ An Outline of “How” Your Meals Should Be Broken Down
+ A Listings of Acceptable “Swap Out” Foods
+ My Super Seven goals for this plan


What People Say

  • My biggest workout challenge before training with Laura was properly combining exercises. After working with her for a month, I saw results right away.

    Claudia T.

  • At the end of this program, I was 100% happy with my results. I had never felt better, or so accomplished. I had done something for myself to better myself and it was a great feeling!

    Chelsea C.

  • I loved the videos! I used them everyday in the gym. If you stick to the plan it will work.  Schedule your workout into your day just like you would anything else.

    Lauren W.

  • Everything was easy to follow. If there was a question about anything, it was answered right away. The challenge did not make me feel like a number. It gave me the tools to follow in my workouts and meals. I still follow the advice given.

    Kathleen A.