Nutrition Programs

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My programs are designed to help you sort through all the overwhelming info out there and get to what really works.

I want you to eat yummy things that fuel you with energy and make you feel confident & sexy in your skin and to look forward to your workouts because you feel strong, powerful, and like you’re really getting results!

I want to empower you with tools to cruise through cravings and crush food addictions. No more obsessing about food, or feeling guilty because you ate a certain food. I want to help you create true balance and total DIET FREEDOM!!


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5-Day Diet Freedom Challenge

Say Goodbye to the Diet Roller Coaster and Hello to DIET FREEDOM! Join the FREE 5-Day Challenge to learn the basics of flexible dieting and slaying the #fitlife.



Want an exact nutrition plan to follow that gets you results & let's you have diet freedom but don't want the accountability of a weekly check-in with Laura? This option is for you.


Nutrition Program

Got the training down but still struggling to build your ideal body?

This custom fit plan will get you in the best shape by putting together the right action plan for you! You'll check in with Laura on a weekly or biweekly basis to make sure you're on track to success!

Not sure which programs are the right fit for you? Let me help!

Get in touch and I'll help you pick a program that best fits your own needs and budget.