My 3 Top Mindset Hacks for Guaranteed Fitness Success

We are almost a full four weeks into the New Year, and I wanted to check in with you to see how your 2018 fitness goals are going? 
Below is an example of a transformation that occurred over the course of about 2 years. I know many of us expect results almost overnight (or at least in a week right? LOL) and I want to remind you today that this process takes time. 

Claudia’s physical transformation (pictured below) is INCREDIBLE. She completely changed her body by incorporating weight training, HIIT cardio, and eating MORE food than ever before – no starvation diets here! 

And since she did it the right way by allowing her body to lose over time, she is able to maintain a lean, healthy weight today.

Today I want to give you a glimpse into her AWESOME MINDSET throughout her journey, which most definitely enabled her success.

My 3 Top WOW Mindset Hacks 

1. She BELIEVED in herself.
From the VERY BEGINNING, Claudia was POSITIVE and BELIEVED in herself and the process. I’ve never seen her exhibit any self-loathing or hide in the corner because she wasn’t “there yet.” I’m sure she had moments of doubt (we ALL do – we are HUMAN), but I NEVER saw any FEAR of FAILURE. She had her EYE on the PRIZE and KNEW she would get there. 
2. She didn’t try to RUSH the process.
None of us gain weight overnight. Many times it is YEARS AND YEARS of having too much weight on us when we decide to take the plunge and do something about it.SO MANY get DISCOURAGED when they haven’t lost all their weight in a month. These individuals might start saying the process “isn’t WORKING.” Then, they either QUIT completely or start doing things like slashing calories and doing excessive cardio—NEVER fully allowing the process to happen.You MUST understand…it took YEARS to put on the weight. Fitness is NOT MAGIC. It will take TIME and, quite possibly, YEARS to get ALL of the weight off, CHANGE your shape and TIGHTEN your skin to take a de-conditioned body to a TIGHT, TONED body. You cannot expect to look like a bikini model in a month, it is physiologically IMPOSSIBLE. Anyone telling you otherwise is FULL OF IT. Don’t fall for those scams and quick-fix diets. They simply set you up to fail again.3. She CONTINUED with LIFE!!
If you aren’t careful, a fitness journey can become ALL consuming. Some individuals start to believe their life (jobs, families, social lives, etc.) cannot CO-EXIST with their fitness goals.

I’ve seen individuals IGNORE life obligations and/or make themselves miserable by only focusing on their fitness. Both of these paths eventually lead to failure and QUITTING their fitness journey because they couldn’t make fitness and life work together.

Claudia, on the other hand, accomplished this AWESOME transformation while being active with her family (she is a single mother of 2! So food prep and the TIME needed for training were not always in her grasp) and working full time.

This is an AWESOME example of how fitness can ENHANCE your life, NOT consume it.
You must make fitness your NEW NORMAL–simply a part of your normal life,
no different from doing the laundry or going to work.
The ONLY way to SUCCESS is for fitness to ENHANCE who you are,
not REPLACE who you are.

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What People Say

  • My biggest workout challenge before training with Laura was properly combining exercises. After working with her for a month, I saw results right away.

    Claudia T.

  • At the end of this program, I was 100% happy with my results. I had never felt better, or so accomplished. I had done something for myself to better myself and it was a great feeling!

    Chelsea C.

  • I loved the videos! I used them everyday in the gym. If you stick to the plan it will work.  Schedule your workout into your day just like you would anything else.

    Lauren W.

  • Everything was easy to follow. If there was a question about anything, it was answered right away. The challenge did not make me feel like a number. It gave me the tools to follow in my workouts and meals. I still follow the advice given.

    Kathleen A.