Diet Freedom Self-Study Course

How would you like to absolutely, insanely, permanently fall in love with what you see in the mirror –

a beautiful, smart, driven, charismatic YOU?

And no repeating mantras 10x a day, no cutting out food groups or following a cleanse to do it!

When was the last time you promised yourself…

“Tomorrow is the day I’ll stay away from everything unhealthy (from my sugar-filled coffee to the cookies in the breakroom at work).”

“Tomorrow I won’t snack at night – especially sugary foods. In fact, I’m not going to eat any sugar ever again!”

“Tomorrow I’m going to cut out all bread, pasta and other carbs because those foods make you fat.”

“Tomorrow will be the first day to a fit, healthy and confident me.”


> Starve yourself all week (aka crash diet) and lose some weight, but rebound over the weekend and gain it all back, maybe even more… (Sigh, not again!)

> Cut out complete food groups (‘cause carbs are the root of all evil you know! JK) only to find yourself constantly thinking about the ‘bad’ foods you can’t eat!

> Order salad after boring salad while eating out and never truly enjoying yourself.

Hey! Life exists beyond the fear of failing another diet, disliking your body and feeling deprived all the time.


Finally, an all-inclusive nutrition program that helps:

Even if you’ve been on more diets than you can possibly count.

Even if you’ve tried the LEADING weight-loss & fitness programs and have experienced more disappointment than results.

Even if you’re tired of falling off the wagon, don’t know what to do and feel like you will never lose weight – without losing yourself (or your mind) in the process.

And most of all!

If you’re SERIOUSLY ready to create long-term, sustainable changes in your lifestyle, have unshakable confidence and feel freakin’ beautiful and sexy all the time.

In this 4-week, Self-Study Course, you’ll get access to:

• The Official Diet Freedom Modules (Videos + PDFs). You’ll receive an email with new information and exercises five (5) days a week.

• Video Lessons that will help you free yourself from the destructive cycle of dieting and binging FOR GOOD.

• Access to all The Official Diet Freedom materials for life.

• Access to the WOW private, members-only forum. This forum offers support and inspiration from both Laura and fellow members, nutrition and fitness tips, recipe ideas, etc. This is an awesome avenue to help hold you accountable to your goals.

It’s time to stop stressing and struggling with food and start living...deliciously!

Discounted Price of $99

Here’s what you’ll be learning each day:

Day 1: What is flexible dieting? How did flexible dieting start? What are macros? 

Day 2: What are calories? Why track macros instead of tracking calories? What are macros? 

Day 3: How to read a nutrition label, what’s important and what’s not. Why you can stop labeling food good or bad. How to get away from the all-or-nothing mentality.

Day 4: What are Discretionary calories and Your  ‘Macro Bank Accounts.’

Day 5: How many meals do you need to eat per day for weight loss success? How to find your average macros and calories.

Day 6: How to find your average weekly calories and macros. How to set up your calorie and macro goals on Myfitnesspal.

Day 7: Why calorie equations don’t work. How to find and track alcohol macros.

Day 8: How much alcohol should you consume? What happens in your body when you consume alcohol and how it affects your weight loss or fat loss progress?

Day 9: What to do if you go over your Macros for the Day?

Day 10: Tips for Eating Out 

Day 11: How to adjust your calories based on your body’s reaction to the macros we set last Monday. How likely is it that your body will store extra carbs as body fat? 

Day 12: Tips for more accurately measuring your foods. 

Day 13: How much sugar you should be having daily. How to beat your cravings.

Day 14: How much fiber you should be having daily. The different types of fiber.

Day 15: How many BMs you should be having per day. What to do if your BMs aren’t regular (both not enough and too much).

Day 16: What is metabolism  and how you can improve it.

Day 17: What is Metabolic Adaptation? Why YO-YO Dieting makes you fatter in the long run?

Day 18: How to set up a 1 or 2 day Carb or Calorie Cycle.

Day 19: How to use Flexible dieting with Keto, IF, and other diet plans. How to set up macros to support your workouts. 

Day 20: How to use Flexible Dieting for long term weight loss and healthy living.