I'm Laura Tarbell

I’m an expert trainer, cover model, national fitness title holder, wife & mother to 2 SETS OF TWINS! I know how challenging it can be to find time to take care of YOU. But I can promise you I know what it takes to get in shape and stay that way, all while balancing a crazy schedule, stress, AND family. 

In my programs, I share with you my tips and secrets for incorporating effective, fun fitness into your daily life, how I eat to maintain a lean physique, and how to keep a healthy perspective on life – all while juggling my roles as a wife, mother, woman of God, business woman and friend.

My programs and services are designed to give you all the keys to success.

I want you to eat yummy things that fuel you with energy and make you feel unstoppable

I want you to cruise through cravings and crush food addictions.

I want you to look forward to your workouts because you feel strong and powerful.

As a mom with four young children, I know how challenging it can be to find any time to take care of you.

But here’s my philosophy that may surprise you…

Mama’s self-care with fitness and health is a NECESSITY, not a luxury.

You cannot pour from a cup that is empty.

My Journey

I’ve always had a love for health and fitness – it has always been a part of who I am.

I began running when I was 10 years old… I participated basically any sport I could fit into my schedule. But here’s what most people don’t know about me – I had a serious spine injury when I was 14 years old. As a freshman in high school, I was playing four sports and it proved to be too much for my lower spine. I didn’t walk for about 2 weeks! I went to a chiropractor twice a day for more than a year just to stay mobile.

It wasn’t until I started practicing Pilates that I truly found relief from my chronic low back pain. Pilates is designed to build strength in the core muscles for better posture, balance, and flexibility. I loved it so much that I became a certified Pilates instructor. This is where my love for teaching fitness began.

After my first set of twins (yes FIRST set)...

I resigned from my job as an elementary music teacher to fully pursue my pilates passion and business, and to be able to have more time for my family as a new mama.

Fast forward 2 years & I’m pregnant with another set of twins!

This was such a huge shock! I was REALLY determined to physically bounce back! I had to get organized, decide how I wanted my life to feel (chaotic and cluttered or present and focused), and set aside everything that didn’t fall under family, fun, faith, and fitness. Why? I wanted to be home and present with my children more often than not. I wanted to be the one to take care of them, to experience the precious stages of life with them – all while still having a career I’m passionate about.

I also didn’t want to lose sight of the independent, passionate woman who had big personal goals... and I didn’t!

laura tarbell fitness
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laural tarbel fitness mom
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I found a way to strike a great balance with health.

This was the spark that started my female fitness, health, and image empowerment programs.
I dubbed them Women of Worth or “WOW.”

Whether you believe you are worthy of taking time for yourself to be your healthiest self determines how you treat your body. And this will make or break you as a happy mama and super woman in this world!

My current goal is to show my daughters and women everywhere that you can appreciate your body at every stage. Eating to fuel your body to have wow-tastic workouts and living a “normal” life with balance is the only way to stay fit for life!

Yes, you can be a busy mom, wife and successful business owner and still make time to eat well, train with intensity, and live your best life!

What is Women of Worth?

When I first began WOW classes in 2011, WOW simply stood for ‘Women’s Only Workout.’ It was a boot camp style class that included a little bit of nutrition. Since then, the class has grown and developed into a budding online community of smart, driven, amazing women. The meaning of WOW has grown along with it into so much more.

WOW now stands for WOMEN OF WORTH and a complete WAY OF LIFE.

I chose the word ‘worth’ because I hope you believe you’re worthy of living your dream life, or what I like to call, your WOW life.

You’re worthy of cleansing your mind of negative thoughts and your life of negative people, worthy of not defining yourself by a number on a scale. You’re worthy of clearing your schedule of the things that don’t serve your purpose and getting you closer to your goals, worthy of scheduling time for fitness, health, and taking care of yourself. and last, but not least, worthy in the sense that you’re deserving of creating a life that makes you feel AMAZING!

Through these WOW courses and programs, I hope to feed not only your bodies and minds but your souls as well, so you feel worthy no matter where you are in the ‘journey’ and you find a contagious joy and gratitude that will be a ripple effect for everyone around you.

Are you ready to finally make real progress with the support of someone who actually understands you and your struggles?